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House Calls or Home Visits

House Call by Nurses for Procedures

For immediate healthcare needs that require quick attention within a two-hour time frame, turn to Home Health Care. We provide efficient in-home services, designed specifically for swift and effective care.

Our nurses can perform healthcare procedures like Nasogastric tube (NGT) insertion, Urinary Catheter Insertion, Intravenous (IV) insertion, and Injections. Available at your convenience, the cost for each visit is PHP3,500.

Physical Therapist

Leaving the house for your physical therapy can sometimes be a major inconvenience. Why not have a licensed therapist come to your home instead? All subspecialties available. Monthly engagement available.

PHP1,500 (1-hour session)


For 45-minute up to 1-hour non-emergency consults during the day, our physicians do make house calls. We have several types of specialists available: geriatrics, pediatrics, ob-gyn, and others.


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