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House Calls or Home Visits

Has your loved one suffered a stroke, or perhaps your spouse is newly diabetic? At HHC, we are committed to helping you and other global Pinoy families face the

The services below can be customized to your particular situation. Our visits can adapt to your schedule. Hire a nurse for a day, or long-term. Call us today and we'll find the best fit solution for your needs.


Caregivers help their patients at home with daily activities, such as bathing and bathroom functions, feeding, grooming, taking medication. They also serve as companions for their patients.

PHP1,000 (Home Visit by a Caregiver to assist patient in bathing, feeding, grooming and taking medication)
PHP1,100 (7am to 7pm duty / Basic Level of Care)
PHP1,210 (7pm to 7am duty / Basic Level of Care
PHP1,200 (7am to 7pm duty / Intermediate Level of Care)
PHP1,320 (7pm to 7am duty / Intermediate Level of Care)
PHP1,500 (7am to 7pm duty / ICU Level of Care)
PHP1,650 (7pm to 7am duty / ICU Level of Care)


PHP3,500 - For quick but important tasks like nasogastric tube (NGT) insertion, foley catheter replacement, or nursing procedures, our nurse can come to you, at your convenience.

PHP3,000 (12-hour duty / Basic or Intermediate Level of Care)
PHP3,500 (12-hour duty / ICU Level of Care)

Physical Therapist

Leaving the house for your physical therapy can sometimes be a major inconvenience. Why not have a licensed therapist come to your home instead? All subspecialties available. Monthly engagement available.

PHP1,500 (1-hour session)


For 45-minute up to 1-hour non-emergency consults during the day, our physicians do make house calls. We have several types of specialists available: geriatrics, pediatrics, ob-gyn, and others.


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