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Home Health Care, Inc. has provided convenient support and treatment through house calls for the past 16 years.

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House calls with physicians, nurses or physical therapists

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Providing comprehensive medical and long-term care from the comfort of your home.
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Our Services

Our goal is to deliver the most compassionate and most reliable home health care services at a reasonable price.

We are Home Health Care

We are a health care service provider utilizing the expertise and clinical skills of a multidisciplinary team of physicians, registered nurses, physical therapists, nutritionists/dieticians, medical technologists and trained caregivers. The company specializes in delivering wellness programs and services to seniors and persons with disability in the comfort of their homes. It also caters to people of any age who need medical assistance at home; as well as individual, group or company vaccinations, among others. Grounded on the skills of an extensive network of health professionals, HHC envisions itself as the premier provider of home-based health and wellness programs.

Clinic Management

Tina Fernandez, RN,MAN
+63 (917) 691 1599
+63 (922) 855 2223

Marlon Solanoy, RN
+63 (916) 734 3079

Private Duty Caregivers

Rona Puller, RN
Kryssa Bundoc, RN
+63 (927) 216 1569
+63 (947) 882 0279

Nursing Homes

Rain Trinidad, RN
+63 (933) 440 8811

Dulce Duskin
+63 (933) 928 8270
+63 (956) 943 2513