Family Protection Thru Vaccines

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Vaccines are effective, and have protected millions from polio, measles, smallpox, and other diseases. Today, with measles making a comeback, and influenza still around, why take chances with your family’s health?

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Home Vaccination

Immunize with convenience and privacy! Our licensed vaccinator can come to your home/office anywhere in Metro Manila, and vaccinate up to 5 persons for a low one-time fee of PHP500, plus cost of vaccines.

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Company Vaccination

For larger groups like corporations, factories or parishes, we offer packages with competitive setup fees and volume discounts on the vaccines.

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Influenza Vaccine

The flu shot is an annual vaccination that uses a different formulation every year to protect against the similarly changing influenza virus. Flu is a serious disease that can lead to hospitalization and sometimes even death.

PHP850 (For Seniors)
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Pneumococcal Vaccine

This vaccine protects against pneumonia, meningitis, even septicimia under certain conditions. This vaccine is included in the World Health Organization's (WHO's) List of Essential Medicines.

PHP1,900 (For Seniors)
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MMR Vaccine

The MMR vaccine protects against measles, mumps, and rubella. It is generally administered to kids at around age one, with a second dose before starting school (about age 4).

PHP1,400 (For Seniors)
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Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine

This vaccine protects against tetanus or lockjaw, caused by animal bites.

PHP400 (For Seniors)
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Hepatitis B Vaccine

This guards against the hepatitis B virus (HBV), which affects the liver. Infection can be both acute and chronic.


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Cervical Cancer Vaccine

Human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccines may prevent infections by certain types of human papillomavirus associated with the development of cervical and other cancers.


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HHC VacciFAM offers immunization for you, your family, or your team.
Our wide array of vaccines are available at our office, or can be administered to you at home by a licensed pro, for a reasonable fee.