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  • Corporate/Industrial Clinic Management
  • Group Vaccinations and Related Events
  • Patient Support/Education Programs
  • Phone and Online Customer Services
  • Phone and Online Pharmaceutical Reps

So your team can focus

  • For Business Process and Outsourcing Companies
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Large-scale Industry • Multinational Firms
  • Financial • Retail • Manufacturing • Services Sectors
  • Small and Medium Enterprises
  • High-Rise and Residential Communities

Company Strengths

  1. We have a network and capability to provide healthcare professionals for various projects in major cities in the Philippines.
  2. A project manager is your point of contact, who sees to it that all client needs are satisfied, from selection to hiring, to maintenance and evaluation.
  3. We address the needs of the principal and meet performance indicators.
  4. We have a registry of licensed nurses and doctors in key cities in the Philippines.
  5. Our President/CEO has extensive experience on healthcare management, healthcare policy grounding, healthcare services delivery, and healthcare financial management. Our company staff are Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Nurses who can relieve absent staff.

Tina Fernandez, RN MAN: +63(917)6911599 • +63(922)8552223
Jermie Chua: +63(995)7505354 • +63(2) 9368441
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How we help

Our Clinic Management or Occupational Health services:

  1. Pre-employment Physical Examinations (PEME) and Annual Physical Examinations (APE). We coordinate with existing or other services providers, human resource departments, recruitment units through the assigned health care professionals (HCPs) and assigned supervisor.
  2. Clinic Set Up and Management. Provision of clinic setup, medications following the Philippine National Drug Formulary, medical supplies and equipment compliant with OSH DOLE standards.
  3. Medical Plan Administration. Placement and monitoring of health care professionals (BOSH nurses and doctors)
  4. Health and absence monitoring. Health monitoring and early intervention for prevention of illnesses. Provision of home visit done by a nurse or doctor.
  5. Employee Medical Record Management. Maintaining medical records compliant with Data Privacy Act.
  6. Fitness to Work and Disability Evaluation. Assessment of existing medical complaints by a nurse or doctor. Validation of medical certificate and clearance for fit to work.
  7. Disease Management Programs: Monthly infographics following Department of Health calendar and monthly clinic census • Wellness Program or Family Event • Implementation of Smoking Cessation Program • Health Teaching (ex. HIV Awareness and Weight Management)
  8. Emergency Services through tie-ups with emergency service providers

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